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About Lodgepole Law

 At Lodgepole Law, we believe that experienced business legal services shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for giant corporations. We understand that legal matters can be overwhelming, and the traditional law firm model can make it seem like legal services are only accessible to those with deep pockets. That’s why we offer concierge general counsel services that are affordable and transparent, so you can get the legal protection you need without breaking the bank.

Our founder, Benjamin Brickweg, has experience starting, operating, and selling small businesses, so we know firsthand the challenges that small business owners face.

We offer a wide range of legal services, from forming your company to contract reviews to strategy sessions to in-depth legal projects, to help small businesses of all sizes succeed.

At Lodgepole Law, we take the time to get to know our clients and their unique situations, providing tailored legal advice that meets their specific needs.

We are down-to-earth lawyers who truly care about your business. We don’t wear stuffy suits or work in sterile law offices, and we don’t believe in nickel-and-diming our clients with surprise fees or exorbitant hourly rates. Our concierge general counsel services are designed to be comprehensive and transparent, so you always know what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

If you’re looking for legal services that prioritize your bottom line and help your small business thrive, look no further than Lodgepole Law.

About Our Founder

Benjamin Brickweg, Esq. MBA

Founder, Lodgepole Law

Benjamin Brickweg is the founder of Lodgepole Law, a law firm that specializes in providing legal services to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Ben has always been passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their goals. Before becoming an attorney, he spent years working as an entrepreneur and founding his own businesses.

During this time, Ben realized that many small business owners and entrepreneurs faced significant legal challenges but were deterred from seeking legal help due to high costs and a lack of understanding of the legal process. He decided to pursue a career in law to address this issue and provide affordable legal services to small businesses.

He founded Lodgepole Law with the goal of providing legal services that are affordable, transparent, and tailored to the specific needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. His approach is to focus on building long-term relationships with clients and providing practical, down-to-earth legal advice that helps businesses grow and succeed.

In his free time, Benjamin enjoys snowboarding, golfing, hunting, and spending time with his family. He is also an avid reader and lifelong learner, always seeking to expand his knowledge and expertise in the legal field and beyond.

What is Concierge General Counsel?

Lodgepole Law’s Concierge General Counsel is a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses in need of ongoing legal support and guidance. Our fractional general counsel services are tailored to the unique needs of each client, regardless of size or industry.

If you’d like to learn more about how our concierge general counsel services can benefit your business, please click here.