Exclusively Focused on Small Business Law

At Lodgepole Law, we exclusively focus on small business law. We understand the unique legal needs of small businesses and we are committed to providing tailored legal services to meet those needs. Unlike other law firms that may also offer criminal law, family law, or environmental law services, we are solely dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.

Tailored Legal Services to Meet Your Business Needs:
Our Three Levels of Service

At Lodgepole Law, we recognize that businesses have unique legal needs that evolve over time. To cater to these diverse requirements, we offer three comprehensive service levels: 

Unbundled Services

Ideal for businesses seeking focused, one-off legal support, our unbundled services include strategy sessions for answering specific legal questions, contract reviews, and tailored guidance for your immediate concerns. You’ll receive clear action plans and transparent pricing for each project.

On-Demand General Counsel Membership

Our On-Demand General Counsel membership provides cost-efficient, continuous legal support. With a monthly membership starting at $595, you’ll gain priority access to legal expertise, unlimited scheduled consultations, discounted rates for additional services, and exclusive monthly training. You’ll also have full access to Bedrock Legal Docs, our library of attorney-drafted templates, to streamline your documentation needs.

Fractional Chief Legal Officer (FCLO) Services

For advanced and strategic legal leadership, our Fractional Chief Legal Officer (FCLO) services provide executive-level expertise to align legal strategies with your business objectives. Starting at $7,500 per month, our FCLOs help you navigate complex ethical and legal landscapes while enhancing corporate governance, ensuring your legal function is a strategic asset. This approach elevates your organization and sets you on the path to long-term success.

Choose the Level that Fits Your Needs
Whether you need immediate assistance, ongoing support, or strategic alignment, Lodgepole Law offers a clear and affordable way to address your business’s legal concerns effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.